2005 Committee Introduction

Since China’s Reform and Opening, more than 1.3 million Chinese students have had an overseas educational experience, and over half of them have chosen to return to China afterwards. These students have had an impact at all levels of Chinese society, and have become an important force for economic growth. Among them are some of China’s most innovative entrepreneurs, groundbreaking scientists, and diligent politicians and civil servants. 


Eight of these influential returnees (Suning Tian, Boming Wang, Victor Wang, Min Tang, Huiyao Wang, Shan Li, Min Zhao, Jun Fu) founded Committee 2005 on November 20, 2005, in Beijing. Their vision was to combine the rich resources and international perspective of China’s most gifted returnees to form a think tank that would bring global “best practices” to bear on China’s growth and development. In just a few short years, Committee 2005 has united a large number of excellent returnees and established a reputation as one of China’s premier social organizations. To achieve its goals, 2005 has organized hundreds of activities including Directors Conferences, Themed Luncheons, New Year’s Parties, Territory Explorations, Roundtables, and Thought Leaders’ Dialogues. Committee 2005 now includes more than 150 elites from various industries including finance, investment, IT and the Internet, law, media, education, and art.


The Directors of Committee 2005 share a strong sense of social responsibility and historical mission to lead and expand what has become the most prestigious association of returned elites in China. In the days ahead, Committee 2005 will continue to develop its communication platform, providing constructive suggestions and proposals for China’s development and reform, and becoming an important bridge linking China and the world.

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